JULY 31 - AUGUST 4, 2019 


The 3rd

Jeonju Vivace Chamber Festival

Mayor of Jeonju Seungsoo Kim

Nice to meet you.


We would like to express our sincere congratulations to the opening of the 3rd Jeonju Vivace Chamber Music Festival in Jeonju, the city of art and Korea's representative cultural city and welcome everyone to Jeonju.


Jeonju Vivace Chamber Music Festival now held twice in Jeonju, the most Korean city, gave a great impression to audiences with a beautiful meeting between East and West, tradition and modernity. I am very excited to hear what kind of touching and resonance this beautiful classical melody will bring this year again.


Jeonju is growing into a beautiful city where people around the world pay close attention to brilliant co-existence of tradition and modernity. Jeonju's competitiveness edge is Jeonju, the city itself. Jeonju is not trying to imitate the famous cities around the world, but it wants to become a culture city that stands out in the world by boosting Jeonju's strengths.


I hope that Jeonju Chamber Music Festival, which is held in the backdrop of Hanok Village, where tradition and history are alive, will help Jeonju to become not only a cultural and artistic city but a global one. In addition, I hope that tourists and Jeonju citizens visiting Hanok Village alike will have an opportunity to broaden their awareness of pure music.


I would like to congratulate again the 3rd Jeonju Vivace Chamber Music Festival, and I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the people who contributed to the Festival with all their passion and sincerity. I would like to thank all of you for your interest in Jeonju Chamber Music Festival.


I hope you have a great time with beautiful melody in Hanok Village on summer’s night. Thank you.

We are very pleased to meet you again this summer in Jeonju Vivace Chamber Music Festival. First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to Jeonju City and the Mayor who helped to make the 3rd Jeonju Vivace Chamber Music Festival possible.


Chamber music is an important genre of classical music. It is about being with the music and communicating through music in a small space. Joseph Haydn, the father of symphonies, has left so many works to be called the father of chamber music, and the genre of chamber music has become the music that expresses the innermost world of the composers.


The best performers of Korea are also present at this chamber music festival. We hope that you will enjoy the impressive and beautiful stage at the Jeongdong Cathedral and at the Hanbyuk Cultural Center. We hope to communicate with you in Jeonju, the city of culture, and hope that Jeonju Vivace Chamber Music Festival will develop.


I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Operation Director Hwarim Cho and the Festival Director, who have given generous support to this festival, and to all the people who have been working to make this festival successful.

Music Director Ensik Choi
Operation Director Hwarim Cho



The first 'Jeonju Vivace Chamber Music Festival' started in the summer of 2017 in Jeonju the time of the year decadence and lily flowers reach its peak. Now we welcome it for the third time this year.


Jeonju is an open city that dreams of harmony between tradition and modernity and gives value to our traditional cultural heritage while actively promoting exchanges with various cultures of the world.


The 'Jeonju Vivace Chamber Music Festival' is an event that shows the commitment of Jeonju city to engage with others and other cultures through the feast of colorful Western classical music.


Jeonju citizens who love music, and music lovers all over the country, Vivace Chamber Festival, composed of the best musicians in Korea, we invite you to concerts in Jeonju Hanok Village from July 31 to August 4.


Come to Slow City Jeonju away from busy daily life where the ‘aesthetics of slowness’ coexists. Please enjoy Vivace’s interpretation of the music world of Handel, Mozart, and Ravel.


Thank you.



Place: Jeondong Cathedral

July 31 (Wed) 7:30pm


Place: Jeonju Hanbyuk Culture Center

August 1 (Thu) 7:30pm

August 2 (Fri) 7:30pm

August 3 (Sat) 5:00pm

August 4 (Sun) 5:00pm

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